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Letter to Anchorage Republican Women's Club

Ladies of the Republic,

J. Heikes, candidate for US Senate

I would like to share my heart with you for a few moments.

My vision for Alaska is to see our state have a sustainable and stable economic base where the outside world market forces have little or no effect on our income. My plan is called the "Alaska Republic Oil and Gas Co-op".

It will bring the cost of gasoline and diesel down to somewhere between $.75 and $1.oo a gallon, heat a 2500 sq. ft. home in Fairbanks for about $300.00 per year, and electric and propane prices would fall sharply.

Which would mean the dollar would increase in value. Food and clothing prices would come down, because transportation and business costs would be less, making Alaska an affordable place to live.

Schools and local governments will benefit with lower heating and fuel costs, actually alleviating the need to find new ways through taxation to support the skyrocketing oil and gas prices.

In Alaska, the greatest secret is the oil, gas and minerals belong to you. It is written in our state constitution.

We would need to be wise enough to protect and use them for our benefit, those who reside in Alaska.

We have enough oil and gas in Alaska to heat and light our homes for thousands of years. Not only can we benefit, but our children will be HEIRS to this prosperity for generations.

Yet, to be prosperous, without protecting the unborn and our children from child molesters is in itself an empty thing. No gold or silver can bring back a life or heal the scars in a molested child. I will put pressure on the legislative body to put capitol punishment back into law, for murder and child molesters. If they will not move, then by ballot initiative it will be up to you. I will also address the laws concerning rape in Alaska with a hard time no parole sentence.

George Washington once said, "You women are the best patriots we have".

So if you are ready to address these issues and make a stand, this will be some of the first action I will address.

Thank you for your time.

To find out more about the Alaska Republic Oil and Gas CO-OP visit my website at

One woman who is solid in her convictions, is better than a hundred weak-kneed men - G.L.H

Thanks Again,