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"The National Referendum"

National Ballot (see my responses at the end)

  1. English as our national language?

  2. Should there be a fence along our southern border between the U.S.A. and Mexico?

  3. Should illegal aliens be allowed to receive free medical, education and welfare at U.S taxpayers expense?

  4. Should all foreign aid be withheld till the federal budget has been balanced and off budget debt is 0?

  5. Should the United Nations be removed from U.S. soil and all funding cease?

  6. Should the income tax system and the I.R.S. be replaced ?
    Fair tax?
    Flat tax?

  7. Abortion?

  8. Should the death penalty be reinstated in every state for the crimes of:
    (a.) first degree murder?
    (b) pedophiles? (child rapists)
    (c )illegal alien drug smugglers?

  9. Should there be a law called Swift and Sure;
    (a.) That indictment of any of the above crimes will be brought to trial within 30 days of said indictment?
    b) Sentence carried out within in 3 days of a guilty verdict?

  10. Shall all welfare cease?
    Shall all food stamp programs?

  11. Should A.N.W.R. be opened to oil exploration and development?

  12. The removal of to any and all minority status to all peoples of these United States of America in there Declaration of Independence "that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

  13. The Iraq war stay till the battle is finished?

  14. All branches of government state and federal are hereby ordered by the citizens of these United States of America to enforce this approved vote.

    Any public servant state or federal will resign to enact these measures immediately .

    No suit or litigation on these approved shall be heard by any courts in the land known as America.

    All judges state or federal who will assume to hear any argument will be removed from the bench any ruling he or she shall render shall be stricken from the record. For this is the decided will of the people.


I've drawn up what I sense to be the most crucial issues for our time that needs to be resolved. With the lack of leadership in the House and Senate even in our Executive branch, these issues would be safely decided in the hands of the American people. I will add brief foot notes to some my answers.

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, according to some it is as much 39 billion+ . I personally don't want one dime of my money to pay for those who have no respect for our laws or country. (Outrage by Dick Morris).

  3. No, (answer above)

  4. Yes, at this time when foreign investors are devaluing our currency; Our stock markets are floundering; the government needs to turn it's eyes to the ones who it is supposed to serve.

  5. Yes, the United Nations is the most corrupt man-designed entity on the planet. It is anti-christian, anti -semitic. It profanes the shores of the United States. (Days of Deception-John Hagee)

  6. Yes. (a) fair tax? yes (b) flat tax? no
    I would support either change, but would prefer a fair tax system to keep the government out of my wages. It would also strengthen the economy by relieving all the employers of all the paper work in doing all the tax schedules. That is only the start of the benefits of a fair tax. (Neil Boortz The Fair Tax)

  7. No. To understand life there must be a beginning. So here are some references:
    Source Bible King James Version; Ex. 21-v 22@23
    Jer. 1-v4 Luke 1-v14,15,41 Psalm 127-v3,4,5

  8. Yes (all)

  9. Yes, by the time court cases get to trial most of the case gets diluted or lost. We, according to the constitution, have a right to a speedy trial. I would like to see justice once again in American court rooms with mandatory sentencing on certain crimes to make certain that justice is swift and sure.

  10. (a) Yes (b) Yes No more free rides.

  11. (a) Yes, the lunacy that takes place in the U.S. House and Senate goes beyond any normal comprehension. Our country is in dire straits due to the incompetence of the federal government in all branches. If we become energy independent our nation's economy will flourish. We have the oil and gas reserves to supply the nations needs for 200 years and beyond. Yet these leaders want to put our necks in the noose of foreign powers and strengthen their hold on America's destiny. Why?

    I prefer freedom to the tyranny I see in the Islamic controlled nations of the middle east, the socialist nations of Europe and Canada etc.etc.etc. We were the greatest light of freedom the world has ever known. Will you have the courage to make it so once again?

    (b) It's very simple keep the money home.

  12. Yes. In the Declaration of Independence it says quote "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It is time to apply this principle to our Nation.

  13. Yes.
  14. Yes.
    Without this precedent the courts could overturn your vote making your will and decisions of no consequence.
    Mark Levin- Men in Black
    John Hagee- Days of Deception

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